peter bear update…morning 5/20/12

It was a chilly day yesterday and I spent the morning at Tommy’s track meet. Just to add some humor to the stress, let’s just say that track would not be Tommy’s forte but he had fun! Fast mind, slow legs in this case. The gun went off for the 50m dash – Tommy takes off in a not-so-much-blaze-of-glory – about 20 meters into it he comes to a stop to see how far back the other runners were….a perplexed look on his face as he spots no one behind him…..then he realized the rest of the runner were on the 40m line. So off he went running with a smile on his face. The meet ended when the cold rain finally brought some lightening with it. So we loaded up in the car and went down to switch places with John at the hospital.

View of the mountains from Peter’s hospital room.

I spent the day and most of the evening with Peter. It was wonderful! He had to go back on oxygen to keep his saturation rates up – it didn’t bother him and helped his breathing slow down a bit. His blood counts were still lousy which was disappointing and he didn’t want to eat. However, his mood was much improved and lots of smiles! He even scooted over in his bed and patted the spot next to him, asking me to join him…..I am so happy to be out of time out! He was a total snuggle bug and we watched way too much Clifford and Dora! By evening he was even happier – and even ate half a plate of pasta alfredo and started drinking milk. I know he is not yet back to normal when he is happy to sit or lay in bed, instead of trying to make a run for it. He did however throw his arms up in the air to do some dancing with Dora. Too cute!! What Peter doesn’t know is that the little trampoline we got online months ago through a rewards program finally arrived… when he gets home he can practice his jumping so he can keep up with Dora and Boots!

Peter dancing to Dora

I thought I might have got the better end of the deal since I was going to get my own bed for a night – but it isn’t so comfortable when I have to share it with Alexandra, Gretchen and Tommy! Is there a size bigger than a king? This morning Alexandra and I went to Mass  – we went to a different church because honestly I think I would have burst out into tears if anyone asked me where Peter was……I do however feel so incredibly grateful that John got Peter straight to the ER at the first sign of issues. I strongly believe that had he not done that, we would have ended right back where we were in November on a ventilator and praying for a miracle. John is still with Peter, waiting for the doctor to come in. I gave him my questions as I see this continuing to repeat itself every time Peter is on full chemo dosage and getting the infusion – his little body just can’t handle it – he needs some help in my opinion. More to come on that.

Peter playing on the iPad.

So this morning Peter is in great spirits! John said he has insisted on hugging everyone that comes into the room. We have held off on visitors because Peter’s immune system was not functioning – but there is plenty of hospital staff. So heart warming to know Peter is back to his purpose of sharing love and joy! If only we all could live life with such a gratitude for those around us. I am not feeling quite so grateful right now as I try to get the other 5 to do something useful around the house and all they seem to do is fall all over each other and accomplish nothing. UGH!

Peter’s labs have drastically improved from yesterday with a lot of counts easily doubling – YAY!!!! His ANC is up to 500 which is a material jump. Not where we want it to be but a very significant positive trend. I have not yet heard back on the bacteria – but hoping it was just a contaminant in the blood sample. Peter’s oncology nurse was in and hopeful that Peter can come home very soon, but was going to come back in with the oncologist to make the assessment on progress. Overall everyone is very happy with how he is doing. He is off the oxygen right now to make sure he can keep his saturation rates on his own during the day. Eating hasn’t kicked in completely yet – but will keep working on the drinking and eating. His digestive system has kicked back in – so things are working again. Alleluia!!

Off to get some stuff done with the kids and push Jack along to finish his school project due tomorrow. Alexandra and Michael have finals this week. I can’t believe end of school year is here! So looking forward to slower, longer, warmer days and lots of dinners on the back porch or by the pool!

Thank you a million times over for all your support, thoughts and prayers.




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