my sunday… peter bear

I woke up early today – wow I feel so much better!! I woke up with the sunrise and I could see the beautiful purple mountains from my room. What should I do? I woke up Papa and told him it was time to play. We had a lot of fun together but I wasn’t too hungry for breakfast. Then my nurse came to see me – she said I was doing so much better…..everyone seems so happy!

She came back a bit later with my doctor to talk about when I might go home – oh I hoped it was today! Papa talked to them about questions my Mama had, including how to change my chemo treatments so I don’t feel quite so bad and have to come back to the hospital so often. My doctor agreed so there were more smiles.

The Mama came…..I know Papa told her she might get a nap in with me – so I decided to make her play really hard with me! No more Mr. Snuggle Bear – I am Mr. On The Go Bear!! We skyped with my Granny and Grandaddy in Peru and I showed them how much better I was feeling today. They were very happy too! Then my dream came true – I got to go on a wagon ride.

I don’t know why, but my Mama has a lousy sense of direction – I was so happy to be in the wagon and I pointed the way to go home…..but she keep taking me in circles.

finally a wagon ride…..but it went it circles!

When I tried jumping out of my bed lots of times, she let me go on a walk… at last! I took my pole and drove it right towards to door I had been trying to show her. No matter how much I tried to out run her and push her away, she keep turning my pole, so now I was going in circles!

making a run for the exit

One last try …..I jumped in the car and aimed for the exit door – dragging my pole along behind. Ouch it pulled on me a bit …..but it was going to be worth it. But, I think there is something wrong with my car (other than pink is just not my color) – it too went in circles no matter how hard I turned the steering wheel.

driving my car…

All this trying to get home really wore me out! I went back to 4306 Pediatric Unit, and ate a big dinner with my Mama – pasta alfredo, hot dog, vanilla ice cream and some milk. My tummy was so full! So I let my Mama rock me and well…..ahhhh……I started to feel so sleepy and started dreaming of going home soon. The doctor said maybe tomorrow – I sure hope so!

Thank you for all your prayers for me! They make me smile and I wish I could hug you all!!

Lots of bear hugs,

Mr. Peter Bear


One thought on “my sunday… peter bear

  1. Peter you are so brave, in my eyes I see a superhero. I hope one day I can be as brave as you, your Mama and Papa. Big Bear Hugs Anna Marie

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