peter bear is in the house!

Peter Bear came home! 

Getting dressed up to come home….so happy to be out of hospital-wear…..

Very excited to have him home, but as usual nothing is quite simple! Peter’s counts actually  dropped from yesterday to today – which was disappointing. However, per John the oncologist said there were “other factors” which supported the decision to discharge him. Peter came home with his port still accessed – so not sure if that was intentional or oversight. I have lots of questions, and Peter’s oncologist is going to be calling us to discuss next steps. At this point Peter is just happy to be home, and is playing in the back yard with G and the boys. He is so happy to be outside!

As if to keep things more interesting – John got a call from the Health Dpt today. Turns out Peter’s blood cultured an obscure bacterial strain of influenza. He had to answer a bunch of questions about our family, and they may be calling us back with instructions (as needed). They seemed most concerned about G. The antibiotics Peter was on should cover all of this – so he is not longer contagious…..or so we are told!

This mama bear is WORN OUT!! My head is pounding and I wish I could just snuggle on my kids on a couch in front of a good movie….but it is finals week. Maybe this weekend!! If something big comes up in the oncology call we are waiting for I will update – otherwise more to come tomorrow.

Thank you again for your support, thoughts and prayers. We feel so blessed and thankful to have Peter home. I pray that he recovers safely and we can keep him home!




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