Personal Project: Purpose Statement…family style

A compass to NAVIGATE!

Here I am on my journey. A week ago I was getting ready to sit down and declare some victory in my quest to navigate – to live powerfully and purposefully. I was feeling good! All the tools I was implementing took stress off my shoulders and I felt I had more “time” to do what is important. Wow! Here a few tweaks and a huge improvement……then reality hit and things started to unravel at work. Is that not the test to any new resolve?! My plate filled up and I was ready to set aside my personal project for a week and work long hours. Just a week to get over the hump and be in a better place. Reality is there will always be that “something” that gets in the way. Instead of the barrier we will call it a hurdle. And for anyone who saw me in high school – I am not graceful and sometimes I knocked a few down, but eventually I made it over (or through) the hurdles and to the finish line.

So, when the stress level went up I looked over to my inspiration board yet again…..”the greatest danger is in letting the urgent crowd out the important….”. It was a lot of “urgents” while my “importants” waited for me to climb the basement stairs from my office to be with them. A bit of give and take but, navigate I did – the best I could! My little tug boat took a few direct hits from storms…..hurricanes…. but at my desk I am keeping our family purpose statement. My compass. A few family meetings after starting our family purpose statement we unanimously approved out purpose statement and goals.

The Krause Bears: simply living faithfully, loving unconditionally, and making memories together. 

Amongst our goals we declared “prioritizing family time above lesser values…“. I am by no means implying work isn’t important – it is in so many ways – but if today were my last day I would not want to spend all of it at my desk. I strive to lead my children by example in working hard, taking responsibility and being thankful for the blessing of having a roof over our head, food on our table, clothes on our back, and many opportunities to give back. I also want them to know that they are the “importants” in my life. It was a few very early mornings at my desk, and a few late nights after everyone was in bed. But in-between we made new memories cooking dinner together, enjoying the pool, and staying up way too late playing UNO.

In the spirit of our purpose statement, yesterday we celebrated Fathers Day. John had texted me earlier in the week asking to get his new dream saw as his gift. I agreed, and the kids and I “moped” about how we would just have to wrap the box it came in and have him feign excitement as we took pictures. During our brunch, Alexandra delivered the “saw” to John who almost immediately detected the size and weight were a bit off.

Instead, we gifted him with a box of “making memories together”. Inside were six little projects picked out at the craft store so that he can have some one-on-one time making something together – Alexandra is a small unfinished shelf with drawers and hooks we hope to use to keep our rosaries together; Michael a Robo-bug kit using recycled cans; Jack a small rock excavating kit with pouch and log so he will remember types of stones to look out for on our upcoming trip to Montana. The most emotionally invested was Tommy who excitedly found a small plastic green house to grow strawberries – he dreams of making strawberry juice with our juicer. He is going to need some patience from John to accept that they don’t grow over night! Gretchen and Peter found some felt art to be colored……G went for the space picture and Peter the princess picture. It was simple, it was assembled with love and oh do I look forward to the memories in the making.

No doubt there will be more hurdles, more storms, more hurricanes and a few more bumps along the journey. With compass in hand, this mama bear will continue to navigate life day by day, enjoying moment by moment, and growing along the way.




3 thoughts on “Personal Project: Purpose Statement…family style

  1. Catherine: I’m enjoying your ‘personal improvemen project’. I too feel overwhelmed trying to get it all in so I also wrote ‘NAVIGATE’ on my white board at work. 🙂 I hope we get to see see you when you come to MT. It has been too long.

      • We should be here. We are taking the last part of July/1st part of August off. We haven’t spent any time in CO – we should think about a trip down there! Good idea!

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