Peter Bear Hospital Update – July 7th, 2012

It has been some long tough days. In following of my sorority tradition we will go with the pro-con-pro approach to this update.

Pro – Peter is not on a ventilator. Despite coming very close to needing to be put on a ventilator, Peter was able to pull through. While still not breathing “normally” he is doing much better, his heart rate is improved, and he is requiring less oxygen to remain saturated. His lungs show damage but the fighter in him is so far getting him through this set back. We pray he can continue to do this as we know his body is still under attack.

Con – Peter was hit with a double whammy – he has pneumonia and what appears to be aspiration damage to his lungs. But, he also has a bacterial infection in his blood. At first we thought he had maybe aspirated water while playing at the park and contracted the bacteria that way. However, after doing shift change with John so that I could hit the grocery store this afternoon I got a call from the same lady at the health department who called me in May when Peter was hospitalized. Turns out Peter has the same bacterial infection he had back then – which is not only rare to get it, but even more rare to get it twice in 6 weeks – leading us to believe that possibly his chemo port is to blame. Calls were made up to Denver and more discussion is needed tomorrow – but from a parents standpoint at least it seems highly unusual that he would come down with the same rare bacterial infection twice following his port being accessed. While I hate the thought of putting Peter through surgery, if it will prevent us from these racing to the hospital with a very sick child it is well worth it. We pray the right decisions are made to keep Peter healthy. He is on some mega doses of antibiotics and alternating Tylenol and Motrin. If not his fever spikes in no time – so we know he is still working on turning the corner. I had understood that his fever peaked at 103.8 degrees – but come to find out he was closer to 104.5degrees. His guardian angel must be exhausted too!

Pro – Peter has perked up. Sometimes to be crabby – but he is no longer in the lethargic comatose state he was in Thursday. Yes, we have watched Clifford about 100 times already. Tried doing Blue’s Clues but that lasted only 8 minutes. He played on my phone, but really just wanted to see pictures of the kids. He got very excited to talk to them on the phone. He misses G an awful lot, but was beyond excited when Jack and Tommy came for a visit. They got him excited to race toy cars around his bed and hid behind the curtains to play “SURPRISE” over and over again. He smiled big as they tried singing songs to him – none of which they could really remember the lyrics. While he refuses to eat or drink – we think his throat is sore too – he was happy to drink some cool mocha frap. He might be smiling big for a while tonight on that drink!

John spent the afternoon with him – and I am headed back down there now – but wanted to be sure to get an update out. I will update again tomorrow after we have a clearer picture of the plan ahead. Peter for sure won’t be headed to Montana in his fragile state, so it might become mama + Peter bonding time as John ventures north with the rest of the clan.

Thank you for all your support and prayers!



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