Peter Bear night time escape!

John spent the night with Peter, and we were both disappointed with the lab results this morning. Peter has very little left in terms of white blood cells, meaning his ANC that we hope to keep around 1500 is under a hundred. His platelets dropped. It was just a drop in everything kind of result. However, his doctor remains optimistic that this is the dip before the rise and Peter’s great mood and energy level are good indicators of what is to come.

Peter enjoyed physical and occupational therapy at the hospital but was wiped out from them. His saturations dropped and he was exhausted. He slept well but required an oxygen boost. Clifford was given a break today and replaced by watching Dora become a princess many times over. Peter enjoyed a few moments of having sole possession of the iPad and working on his therapy apps. He is getting better and better. As a matter of fact I don’t know what finger strokes he does but he gets my iPad to do things I have never been able to recreate. Not that I try often – the grubby finger prints are a good indicator of who uses it the most!

The exciting news came late afternoon – Peter was being allowed to come home! I honestly take it as a compliment that John and I are trusted to administer this care at home as I know that not everyone would be ready to go home given the fragility and care needed. We already have oxygen at home, and the nebulizer and IV pump were dropped off. A nurse is coming to get us set up on the IV drugs but we are missing the nebulizer drugs – AHHH – so the hospital is hunting those down. Peter has to go back in on Thursday to have his port de-accessed/re-accessed and at this point will need IV’s at home through Wednesday of next week.

Waiting for discharge orders and outta here!

Peter was so excited to come home! He smiled the whole way in the car and was thrilled as Tommy and Gretchen ran out to meet him in the driveway. Tommy’s excitement level was a few pitches too high. Soon Jack remember the only good part of Peter being in the hospital is not having to pick up the books that fly off the shelf. Peter and G played hide and seek looking for Tommy. Michael welcomed Peter and quietly retreated to his room to read as I am sure he thrilled to be off babysitting duty for a bit. He has done a great job keeping up with them – going so far as to lay on the ground and color Barbie with G late into the night. He will shoot me for sharing that! Alexandra is babysitting and will be shocked to come home and find Peter – it was so unexpected – it will give her so much relief as she shares how anxious she feels when we are not all together.

As in a household this size, it is easy to get back into routines and everything the comes with it. John is driving G and Peter around so they will fall asleep as I type this update. Jack is striving to reach Michael levels of helper which is just wonderful! Tommy is in bed “thinking” about what it means to hit someone on the head. G had her “think about it” moment as she kept tearing the iPad away from Peter. Tears. Then Tommy would tear it away from her. More tears. To make Tommy understand what it felt like Jack tore it away from him. Now a choir of tears. So before I can get there Michael has taken it away and put it on a shelf only his greater than 6ft frame can reach. Even more tears. You get the picture! Life is back to normal at the Krause house!!

If all goes well and Peter bounces back, I am thinking he and I can take a trip outside of Colorado Springs for the day and feel like we got our own vacation – dreaming big! Rumor has it the animal shelter in Peyton has a big dog named Clifford that takes visitors. Given that what Peter loves more than anything else in this world are dogs – that would probably make his day even more than the therapy dogs that visited him at the hospital.

Thank you all for all your thoughts and prayers – they keep us going!




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