A Hell-uv-a Week!

The family got home late Monday, which was celebrated by all! Lots of hugs and kisses and extra hugs and kisses between G and Peter. The family was back together! With the help of my friend Barb – we set up a family wall going up the stairs as a “welcome home” surprise. Everyone loved it! By that night things were so back to normal – more arguing about who got to use the iPad vs. my iPhone. Peter got spoiled having both to himself while they family was gone! All in all though, everyone was happy to be back together.

The Krause Bears Family Wall

What is that saying?! The family that stays together pukes together??!! It started with G on Tuesday. We braced ourselves but hoped it was just something she ate. Wednesday Peter had labs. His ANC was 1500. Almost too good to be true – my usual “he must be getting sick” thought jumped in – but either way we were happy it was an indicator that his system had jump started finally. We sat down for dinner and he did a near perfect sign of the cross. I complimented him on it as he was snuggled up close to me – he turned, smiled, said “yeah” and got sick all over me. John was the next to fall, followed by Tommy, then Jack. All bounced back pretty well but poor Peter. Hoping some of us had been spared! Peter was still in bad shape yesterday, so went to the clinic for IV. His ANC had dropped to 1000 but still holding strong. He was so cranky! This morning Alexandra fell and Michael has been threatening to all day. Do you know what it feels like to be the last one standing? It is like playing Survivor but ultimately knowing no one gets off the island of the tummy bug. Oh but I am praying I get spared!

G still is not quite back to normal, but today perked up and is back to her normal energy level and desire to play outside. Peter had a spurt of encouraging enthusiasm when I got back from grocery shopping – followed by a steady decline until he was sick again. He is back to yucky diapers and some dry heaving. We are supposed to try and get as much fluid as we can in him – which is not easy as he wants nothing. Unless miraculously better by the morning – he will be admitted so that he can get hooked up to IV and kept hydrated to avoid any other illness. Sigh …..we really are on the frequent flyer program to the Peds floor!

So between tummy bugs, work madness, and overall home chaos – it really has been a helluva week! Praying this passes soon!! Will try to get a quick update out tomorrow night.

And I take the opportunity to let everyone know that it is that time of year again – the Colorado Springs Down Syndrome Buddy Walk!! I am so excited that based on a proposal I sent in months ago, UnitedHealth is a sponsor of the event and joining us to form a walking team and fundraise for CSDSA. This is our only fundraiser for the year and critical to continue to offer so many vital programs for individuals with Down syndrome and their families in Southern Colorado. We invite you to consider joining our team as a walker, or joining us as a virtual walker through a donation. Every dollar is much appreciated and goes to wonderful use by this all volunteer non-profit I have had the pleasure to work with for 4 years.

To join our team or donate to our team – please visit the following link:

Team Peter Bear

God bless!



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