The day I thought would never come…..

John just got home from a coaches meeting. He sat me down on the couch and said “I have something to tell you”….followed by silence.

My heart stopped beating.

“We got a call today from Peter’s oncologist office”. I started to cry.

He added “After talking to the experts at Children’s Hospital….and they have decided that Peter needs no more chemo!”.

At this point I started shaking uncontrollably! I had a count down going to Dec 27th which was supposed to be end of treatment.

We are done!!

I know there will be appointments, follow up, checks up, etc for a while……but I have this overwhelming feeling that Peter has been given his life back. He can start a chemo free life! A life of learning, playing, and loving – without the yucky feelings of chemo clouding him.

There are no words to truly capture how blessed and grateful I feel right now. So I am just going to wrap this up with a YA-HOOOOO!!!


…..this is Peter when he started treatment back in October 2010……



One thought on “The day I thought would never come…..

  1. My boy has a new lease on LIFE!! I can’t tell all of you who follow this blog and our family’s life how grateful Catherine and I for your kind words, your prayers and your genuine love for our little man. God Bless you for all that you have given to us. John Krause

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