Tackled at the one yard line…..

John described it better……but here is my version of it. Peter has been out on the football field, play after play, never passed the ball and able to make a great break. Finally Wednesday, with the news of no more chemo, he has the ball and is racing down the sidelines towards the end zone! The crowd – all of us – cheering him on. We are on our feet chanting his name! Sure he has made it to end we all celebrate. But, as sometimes happens in life, he was tackled at the one yard line, just short of the end zone.

The last couple of days Peter was a bit off. We were hoping not getting chemo, he could fight off what ever little bug may be around. Alas, he was unable. We kept him home yesterday and by this morning he was not feeling any better. I took him to the ER, and five hours later we were admitted to Peds. In looking for something to be thankful for – despite our many stays in peds, this is the first time we got the primo room with perfect views of Pikes Peak, just in time to watch the storm/blizzard fly in! As the day progressed, so did Peter’s temp increase. He is hovering around 102. He did eat dinner which was some improvement, but we believe the thrush in his mouth is also down his throat as he is having a hard time swallowing and will often drool until he has to swallow and the starts crying. His labs showed a very low white blood cell count contributing to an ANC of approx 270…………..way low! I am now home for the night, and will head back tomorrow. John is with him. At this point best case scenario is he can come home Monday if he cultures nothing for 48 hours, is fever free for 24 and his ANC is on the upwards trend. We shall see.


Now, the kicker here is that Michael was tackled several yards back. On a field trip near Boulder yesterday with his school, someone ran into Michael knocking him over. He fell – legs twisting in opposite directions. He dislocated his knee cap, damaged a ligament and is collecting fluid in the knee. He was seen at a local ER in that area who instructed us that he needs an MRI and will require surgery as soon as possible to repair the knee. The ride home during rush hour was bad, and then we hitting ice. Took over an hour to go the last 20 miles during which time all the pain meds were more than worn off. Gratefully he made it through the night and his pain is being managed. Unfortunately we have had zero luck getting in contact with the local orthopedic surgeons so nothing is yet scheduled. Very frustrated! As was the ER doc who was amazed at the lack of responsiveness of the Colorado Springs docs. I won’t go into the details – but really hoping we get a hold of someone soon so that his situation is not made worse waiting too long. Will start my call campaign again in the morning. As I have shared many times, Michael is my rock who keeps this family going when Peter is in the hospital – it is hard to see him in pain, and even harder when I know I must split my time between caring for him and caring for Peter – and of course make sure everyone else doesn’t get lost in the chaos.

Now, I will admit – tonight is one of those nights were I throw my head up towards heaven and shout out “CAN WE PLEASE BE CUT A BREAK??!!”. I know I have much to be grateful for in my life, and probably too much I take for granted…..so please don’t assume i am in the fits of some melt down here …….I just could really use a break. How about we just stop letting the world turn for a day or two, and all catch up on some much needed sleep!

Will try to update tomorrow night. Thank you for all your thoughts, encouragement, prayers and positive energy!



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