…and prayers get answered!

.... loving on Mr. Bear.....

…. loving on Mr. Bear…..

Sometimes we take answers to our prayers, and those much needed “breaks” in any way they come. I had tried the hospital to get an appt for Michael with no avail. But, Peter’s oncologist made a call and pulled in some favors – getting Michael an 8:30am appointment tomorrow with the top pediatric orthopedic doc. YAY!! (THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU LISA!!) I can not express just what a relief that is! Michael finally took the immobilizer off today to give himself a bit of a bath (hey – that is another answered prayer!) and said he was grossed out by how his knee looked. So another blessing – thank you for the pain meds that are keeping him comfortable albeit very bored! Will update tomorrow.

Mr. Peter Bear had ups and downs. His fever broke last night about 11:00pm and he slept pretty good through the night. He did de-saturate causing his oxygen needs to increase. He didn’t want to eat or drink for John, and as the morning progressed his oxygen needs declined. I spent the day with him and just got home. He was still on oxygen during the day – but by mid afternoon his temperature started to climb all over again. So – the 24 hour clock of no-fever-so-that-he-can-come-home was re-set. Sigh! He was also retaining fluid which led to crackly lungs. A little diuretic and the flood gates opened…..and opened…..and opened. On the upside he drank decently for me and ate a ton of pasta alfredo! He actually wanted to watch Cars too, which gave Clifford a much needed rest. By early evening I was getting my work out of chasing flying toy car and stuffed bear. All good signs! I think he will sleep well tonight!

More blood was taken to be cultured, and he continues on all his meds plus IV. Really hoping this was just a bump in the road and that he will be home soon. Will be sure to update again tomorrow night with news on both boys.

Much to be thankful for!



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