Just a quick update….

Starting off with quick and easy…..

a) Peter is doing great! He discharged from the hospital and has been a bag of energy ever since. We have a week or two before we start all the lung/heart follow up but honestly I can’t think of the last time he has been this energetic. Not having to fast 4 hours every night for chemo has done wonders for his mood. He is just so happy!! Both John and I have noticed such a difference already. And in honor of the memory (and the fact that John laughs that I share the news with anyone who listens to me), Peter said POTATO yesterday! Praying it just continues to get better from here.

b) Jack came home from school puking yesterday. He was proud of himself for successfully aiming and letting it all land on the pew during Mass. Something like “I got none on the carpet!”. He was sick for a few hours after coming home and by night looked his normal colorful self. We kept him fasting and did that BRAT diet today. He is all mended and probably got 20 hours of reading under his belt.

Michael during pre-op when his spirits were still high. Look forward to seeing him smile again...

Michael during pre-op when his spirits were still high. Look forward to seeing him smile again…

Now comes the hard. Michael. Oh goodness!! Yesterday morning we got up early and drove carefully on icy roads to get to the hospital. Suffice to say we got there way early. We were checked in by 8am and pre-op started. He was in such good spirits albeit a tad nervous. We joked about the fact that his leg got shaved and he had to wear hose on the other. After meeting with the anesthesiologist I was ushered out. I was in the waiting room and about 2 or so hours later the doctor came out to tell me how it went. In the up side he was able to reattach the bone fragments…..yes! fragmentS. The MRI showed one large piece and a small one they assumed they could just remove. Turned out there were two large …..or has he said “one big, and one huge” pieces. It was like show and tell when he pulled out the photos of the inside of Michael’s knee. It was alarming to see that basically the whole bottom end of the femur was ripped off. Then he showed me how he was able to put in place the two large pieces and where all the pins were to try and hold it in place. There is some ligament damage, but that should heal. It was the bone he was most concerned about. He felt that the surgery went well and told me I would go back in a bit to see Michael.

About 20 minutes passed and I was ushered back. Michael was having a bit of a hard time coming out of the sedation. Then he started shaking really hard, almost convulsions, as the anesthesia wore off. He was pale, weak and obviously in pain. After getting him dressed it was time to get him home. We wheeled him down to the car and put him in the back seat. It is almost a straight line from the hospital to our house. Michael was in the back completely tense holding his leg in clear pain. We pulled into the drive way and John came out to help me get Michael out of the car. That is when my stoic boy finally cracked. Tears running down his face he said he was in so much pain he would rather stay in the car and have someone shoot him. Just the thought of having to move an inch was too much as he shuddered in pain.

It took a bit, we did get him out of the car, upstairs and into bed. With the compressor attached to both legs and running 24/7, we were assured he would likely sleep most of the day. He could not. He was in so much pain he was like a giant knot. His nerve had been tapped prior to surgery. We were told it would be about 16-24 hours before the feeling came back. Nope! As the feeling came back in the nerve the pain got worse. We are on a steady stream of one or more meds every 2 hours which meant setting the alarm and getting up to keep him on schedule. By this morning he was in less discomfort and was able to rest most of the day although not comfortably. The compressor is still going 24/7 and he has drained quite a bit of fluid from his knee which we need to manage.

So where do we go from here? Tomorrow I get to remove the drain tube from his knee. He must continue to keep the compressor going and on top of all his meds. Saturday, if all goes well, we get to try and shower with the leg wrapped and standing on one leg (i think we are going to try a chair in the shower). It is imperative that he put no pressure on his leg at all or the bone fragments could detach and make the situation even worse. Tuesday we go back to the doctor and start scheduling PT if he clears for it. Then we have three or so months of physical therapy slowly adding mobility and weight bearing to the left leg. He will be on crutches through the school year. We hope he can go back to school next week but there are things we need to work through still.

I so appreciate all the prayers, thoughts and encouragement. It has been a challenging week and we hope things will get better! All who have read this blog for time know that Michael is the rock I lean on – and now it is time for us to all be rocks for him as the slow road of recovery starts.

Tomorrow Alexandra and I head up to CSU for admitted student visit. Taking steps towards picking from her schools and getting ready for college in the Fall. They really do grow up so fast! The next phase of her life and our lives. So many mixed emotions!!



One thought on “Just a quick update….

  1. CatherineYou are in our prayers.We think of you often. Could you tell me if yourDad isback in Lima as I have E M him but get no answer Love Jilly xxxxxxx

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