about us

We are the Krause Bears! We have created this little corner in cyberspace to share our family, ideas and tidbits. We hope you enjoy our journey in faith, family, parenting, marriage and of course the wonderful adventure of Down syndrome. Please share our little spot in space with your friends and family – we hope they will become ours too! Bienvenidos!!

John & Catherine (and our cubs – Alexandra, Michael, Jack, Tommy, Peter & Gretchen)


One thought on “about us

  1. Catherine
    I very seldom comment but I do read all that you write. I’m truly amazed at what you do as a mother and as a provider. I doubt if there are many in this world who could keep up with you. You have a lovely, loving family with a great husband and dad. I’ve a family of five offspring of which one has passed away and his twin does not speak to me. I rarely hear from the others. I recently had the privilege of providing support in the way of a place to stay for the family of Steve Contreras; that family, like yours, is a truly loving family. I was privileged to get to know them and I’m privileged to be acquainted with your family.

    John Ross

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