Eeek… long?! Update and Invite!

Yikes – where did the time go?!

Quick update …..

Alexandra graduated from St. Mary’s High School in May. She is now working as an office assistant at NTSOC and will be heading off to Colorado State University in August. The plan is to do her undergraduate in Psychology with an emphasis in Brain, Mind, and Behavior – then moving into a Masters in Occupational Therapy. She hopes one day to work with kids like Peter – and I know she would be great at it!


Michael completed his Confirmation and wrapped up Freshman year of HS, and was cleared for non-stressful exercise with his knee! Yay! So no sports, but much to his disdain he can now walk the dog again. We really are so fortunate that he is healing well although he still has residual issues with his thigh/hip. We hope they get better and he can pick up with sports in the Fall.


Jack took silver in wrestling – yay! He wrapped up 4th grade with a 10th grade reading level….wow!……and will read about anything you put in front of him. He is enjoying his Kindle but can still be found with his nose in a good old paperback book. Given the relentless energy he has, it is great to see him chill with a book!



Tommy’s enjoyed his First Holy Communion, but I think the highlight of his school year was scouting. He had so much fun! His enthusiasm was clear when he pounded the pavement in cold weather collecting food for the local food bank. He collected almost 500 lbs!! Way to go little dude!!



Peter wrapped up kindergarten and loved it! He will be repeating it again next year in an all day setting as he really needs to catch up academically. He did three weeks of summer school of which i think the highlight was riding the bus. He was so excited! His energy continues to increase post-chemo but he likes to freak me out every once in a while telling me his hip, toes or fingers hurt. Praying he continues in remission! He still goes in once a month for labs given that he is at the start of the new shorter protocol and we need to make sure he stays healthy. This spring he started swim lessons which he loved – but still will opt to play in the little kids pool this summer!



And last but not least is Gretchen – she is so precocious! She has discovered crayons but likes to color everything the same color and the lines are a lose guideline to which she will not be constrained. Surrounded by brothers and boys in the neighborhood – she is often the little girl in a dress and pretty shoes trying to scale a tree or play set. Her favorite pass time is bossing her brothers around. Not sure where she gets that from!



On the family side – my father arrived in mid-May. He is starting to make Colorado Springs is part time home and we are loving having him here. It is such a treat!! The kids are all over him and he has been a huge help with our crazy schedules. Now have to work on him to be here longer and longer!

Guess what time it is?! Buddy Walk time!! We are so excited to have Peter do this walk healthy this year – and hope to see him running across the line in his own unique running style (makes us smile it is so cute!). For a second year UnitedHealthcare is sponsoring the Buddy Walk and our Team Peter Bear. YAY! So we invite you to please consider walking and/or sponsoring our team this year. As you all know the Colorado Springs Down Syndrome Association is near and dear to my heart – and we try every year to raise more and more to support such a wonderful organization that offers so much to families in our community and the surrounding community.  CLICK HERE to get to our team page or copy and paste the below link……We hope to see you there!!